any questions? contact us
any questions? contact us


About TAM

What does TAM means?

TAM is the Arabic word for DONE, which is used widely in the Arabic culture and language to show high level respect to any person that requires the service.

What do you deliver?

Documents, Food, Cakes, Products, Invitations, Cheque and Cash deposit, Credit Cards delivery, etc…basically, anything you need.


What are your prices?

Same Day Delivery – 3 BD Delivery

Your package is picked up and delivered in the same day.

Next Day Delivery – 2 BD Delivery

Your package is picked up today and delivered tomorrow.

Two Days Delivery – 1.5 BD Delivery

Your package is picked up today and delivered after tomorrow.

Bank Cash Deposit

Depositing your cash into your bank account for BD 1.5.

Friday’s Delivery

Even on Friday, TAM delivers for only BD 3.5.

Durrat Al Bahrain

Normal Days BD 4.5.
Fridays BD 5.

How can I get special price?

You can get a special price if you have a big quantity of packages or/and very frequent packages being sent, please contact our call center for more information.

Opening an account & Ordering

How can I place my order?

... Verify your account... Place your order

How does the service works?

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email for your order placement, you will get a call from our drivers to schedule a time of pick, and the package will be delivered according to your request placed in the order.

Business Customers

If I have a business and I am delivering to my customers through TAM, how can I get my money back from my customers after the delivery is done?

After your first order, you will get a call from our finance department to arrange the transfer of your money to your account, which will done from 2-3 days after your delivery service.

GCC & International Packages

How can I send my packages to the GCC or Internationally?

Please contact us through our website, email, or call our call center on 3443 0001, please note that we will be needing the following information to provide with price:

  1. Country and city
  2. Package type
  3. Package weight
  4. Package size

Tracking ID

How can I track my shipment?

Just enter the way bill number into our search engine and find out where your shipment is.

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