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About Us

We Make Logistics Logical

TAM Logistics is a Bahrain based company established in 2013. Today we offer various logistical solutions from last mile and courier delivery services, fulfillment and long-term storage 7 days a week to all areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the GCC region and to the rest of the world with competitive prices.

Our sophisticated, full-service 3PL solutions ensures your business has everything you need to scale and grow in the Kingdom. As your last mile partner, we design and develop the customized solutions you need to operate seamlessly without worrying about any interruptions or delays.

The Numbers

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Shipments per day
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The Promise

At TAM Logistics, we own and operate bonded and unbonded warehouses in Bahrain, with our head office located in Salmabad. This allows us to offer a fully combined warehousing and last mile service across the entire country without causing delays and interruptions to your operations.

As your end-to-end solutions partner, we work closely with you to curate a custom-tailored transportation plan that’s designed to handle everything you need. You can trust that we have the right solution to meet the needs of your business.

The Legacy

Started our journey with 1 Motorbike.
Became the Most Trusted Brand for Banking sector, handling 3,50,000+ cards distribution through out the Kingdom of Bahrain
Handling over 4,500+ Shipments per day
Became the Logistics partner of major Banks in Kingdom of Bahrain
Partnered up with some of the largest e-commerce brands like ALI Express and SHEIN to secure the last mile distribution all over Kingdom of Bahrain

The Vision

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We Deliver...for the World. "The 1st choice for delivery"

The Mission

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Comprehensive logistics & transportation solutions anytime anywhere

The Values

On Time
Team Spirit

The Fleet

At TAM Logistics, we have a reliable fleet that can offer total flexibility and control your logistical solutions. TAM is a one stop shop.


Our Fleet Includes

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Bikes for Small Parcels

Cars for Medium sized Parcels

Vans for Large & Bulky Items

The Founders


Mr Hasan Abdullatif

Co-founder & CEO

Mr Mohamed Bucheeri

Co-Founder & MD

Co-founders Mr Hasan Abdullatif and Mr Mohamed Bucheeri serving as the CEO and MD of TAM Logistics and Trading respectively, were an old acquaintance. 

During one of the weekend’s social encounters in 2013, they have been discussing about a small parcel that needed to be delivered to someone and were not able to figure out a feasible solution to get it done, and soon they realised that this dilemma might be a common phenomena among others as well, thus giving birth to TAM Express Delivery

TAM” which is an Arabic word meaning “Done”, which used commonly in the Arabic culture between tribes, till nowadays to indicates the speed and loyalty to serve the other person. This was the vision that they both had and collectively with their innovation and leadership a company was formed which would turn out to be one of the most valued and trusted brand in the Kingdom of Bahrain for express logistics.

Mr Abdullatif an MBA from University of Plymouth (UK), and Mr Bucheeri a Master in Designs from (Jordan University) was a spot on combination to bring the perfect balance of Operations and Execution qualities to form the core of TAM Logistics, with their impeccable business acumen along with their personal experience they both soon realised there was an opportunity to connect corporate sectors with their clients in the region by providing better logistical solutions. It was the 1st stepping stone for TAM Logistics which lead to its strong foothold and reputation among the banking sector.

By 2023 TAM Logistics has successfully completed a decade in the region and has climbed up to be one of the best express logistics company in Kingdom by successful handling 4,5006,000 shipments per day.

Innovation, flexibility, reliability, and service customization are part of the our D.N.A. Joining the TAM Logistics family ensures a delightful brand experience throughout the customer journey, which provides the ART of logistics.

A brand you can trust. “We Deliver

The Team


Dibya Sharma

Director [Operation & Business Development]

Spearheading TAM's total operations, revenue generation and overall growth.

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Venkatraya Shenoy

HOD [Finance, Admin & HR]

Leading the core finance and administration of the organization.


Vijay Kumar Yandamuri

Dispatch Manager

Responsible for daily operation and Customer support of the organization.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

TAM is committed to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our lives and our work.

Therefore, we aim at our Environmental Sustainability Policy is to:

We believe that our environmental aims are achieved through the following committed principles and practices :

Complying with relevant Kingdom of Bahrain, State environmental policy, practices, regulations and legislation, and industry-specific legislation.

Monitoring and managing our environmental performance and working towards targets set to reduce adverse impacts.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.

Committing to the principles of preventing pollution to the environment and continual improvement.

Communicating this policy to all employees, contractors and other stakeholders, as well as making this policy available to the general public.

Disposing of waste appropriately.

Maximising the recycling of resources.

Reporting on the company’s environmental performance in both internal and external communications, where relevant.

Customer Property Policy

TAM has a responsibility to identify, verify, protect and safeguard customers or external provider’s property provided for use or incorporation into the products and services provided.

TAM shall exercise care with property belonging to customers or external providers while under the organization’s control or being used by organization. Upon receipt of the property, it shall be identified, verified, protected and safeguarded. If any such property is lost, damaged or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, this is reported to the customer or external provider immediately and records maintained.

The Partners


Hello! We’ve Been Expecting You.

The Office

Transform the way your business moves in Bahrain.

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Head Office

Building Number 1423 Block 704 Road 426, Salmabad, Kingdom of Bahrain


Email Address


Phone Number

+ (973) 7797 0001